Knife Rescue is a mobile business servicing the domestic, commercial and industrial sharpening needs of the Perth metropolitan area.

Just a phone call away, I can come to your home or your place of business and sharpen just about anything you may use in everyday life.

Backed by a lifetime of experience in woodworking, sailmaking, composite construction, a generous dose of old fashioned common sense, training in Australia and the USA, and the latest technology available I provide a service unrivalled in WA.

The philosophy of Knife Rescue is to provide a convenient service based on quality and old fashioned values. I take great pride in my work and strive for perfection at all times. Today's throw-away society is unsustainable and there are many items usually thrown out these days that could easily be sharpened at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Is your knife sharp? Most people blunder along with blunt knives because they don't know what sharp really is. Watch the video below and if your knives aren't as sharp as this give me a call - it will make the world of difference to your cooking!