The van is a complete mobile workshop with its own power supply and contains the latest in quality sharpening equipment including:


The Tormek T7 is a water cooled grinding system for sharpening a multitude of tools from knives, chisels, to gardening tools and drill bits. It forms the basis for most of my sharpening and is known as one of the best systems in the world. Keeping the blade cool is essential to maintain the temper of the steel which is needed for a long lasting edge

The Twice as Sharp Ookami Gold scissors sharpening machine is made by Wolff Industries in the USA. Using a diamond grinding wheel combined with the use of a 6000 grit Japanese waterstone, it produces a perfect edge for hairdressing scissors. Changing the grinding wheel out allows for sharpening sailmaker’s, dressmaker’s, and other types of scissors. Using this machine I can provide a custom edge using a combination of grinding wheels, waterstone and diamond corrugating file for cutting such as Kevlar and other difficult to cut materials.